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Basic exercises to strengthen the body I recommend to everyone are intended for those who go to the gym and for those who do not have time for the gym.

We all know that if we want our bike ride to be successful (effective), we need to be ready with a strong body. Amateur cyclists and professional cyclists are pushing the training of abdominal and leg muscles.

For a maximum suppression of the pedal, and in order to extract the maximum from your “performance” it is necessary for seating and back muscles to be trained and to have strong hips.

The exercises that we will describe will help you to strengthen mentioned body parts, and called on the material, exercises for strengthening the body and help to achieve maximum suppression pedal.

Exercise 1

Lie on the ground and spread your hands. Lift your right leg and twist your torso. As if you want the right foot touching the left hand (such a move) .Exercise should be repeated 10-15 times to one side or the other alternately.

Exercise 2

Lie on your side so you can rely on left elbow. Put your other arm behind your head set, then rotate your torso so that your elbow same hands make a movement towards the ground (Figure 2).Exercise perform 10-15 times on each side alternately!
Exercise 3

Take an initial position as you would do a push up (with legs apart). While you go to push up, eject  one knee outward. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times on each side alternately.
Exercise 4

Stand up straight and stretch arms. Bend from the hips, with all the corrected hands, and throw your foot in the back (body should not make the letter T, figure 2). Repeat 10-15 times on each side alternately with the stay of a few seconds.
Exercise 5

Lie on the ground and bend one leg at the knee, while your other leg stays stretched upward. Raise your hips to the point where you shoulder and bent knee are in plane. Hold leg all the time in the air. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times on each side alternately.

Exercise 6

For this exercise you will need a big Pilate’s ball. Take your place as for the push up, Pilate’s balls.  Pull in your stomach and knee of one leg and touch breasts. Come back in a push up position and repeat the exercise on the opposite leg. Exercise performs 10-15 times on each side alternately.
maxresdefault (2)

In cycling, pain in the shoulders is generally mirror of the bad fitness form. Shoulders are in cycling, especially in mountain bike cycling, very helpful. The shoulders are those that help the cyclist to overcome the rise.

These three exercises will help in the prevention of pain and they are primarily responsible for  stronger shoulder muscles.

Weightlifting dumbbell bent

-Take an initial position so your feet and  shoulders are width apart.

-Band yourself in hips with your back straight and head inclined forward (view in front of you)

-In Both hands take dumbbells so that your hand’s right angle is 90 relative to the body.

-Pull Hands to your chest (In the course of movement, the elbows should  “look” outward)

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How to choose proper bike for your kid?

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Do you still remember the time when you got your first bike, that wonderful filing of freedom and all adventures that you experienced with it?

3188dc8e8595a27f1ac9d7e4335ad3fbNow has probably come the time when you must choose proper bike for your kid. Even though, you think that bicycles didn’t change much since then and that it would be very easy to choose one  but the fact is that technology has advanced and now you have large variety of choice. The market implies you the question – how to choose the right one that your child will feel safe and in the same time experience the joy of the ride?

In order to prepare your kid for his first ride, it is best to buy him, when he has two or three years, a stroller. When he uses this tool, he develops the filing for balance and for motor skills. Strollers are easy for carrying, simple for maintenance, and after the child stops to use it, he won’t need additional wheel for his bike.

It is important to choose the size of the wheels and not the size of the frame. Bikes are chosen by the age of the child and by its height. There are many factors that you must fulfill in order to buy proper bike, and most important is the safety of the child and that’s way is important to choose bike that will fully match your child.

Considering the size, it must be adjusted to the height and to the motor skills of your child. You shouldn’t make your child ride bicycle that doesn’t have appropriate size or if doesn’t have additional wheels. It is best to let your child use additional wheel until he gets more confidence and feeling of safety to have independent ride.


If your child is at the border to pass certain size of the bike, you can buy him one size bigger, but if he is on the middle it is better to buy him one size smaller. If the size is much bigger, he will feel unsecure and he will have a constant fear of falling. On the other side if the bike is too small, he will punch his knees on steering wheel and in that way he can hurt himself or even fall.

It is best for you as a parent to find the table online with sizes and appropriate age and in that way you will surely know what size to choose.

Next question would be, how important is the quality? Children grow fast and they are restless, so they won’t take a good care when using a bike. Knowing this fact, you will be tempted to buy him some cheap one, but don’t do it! You will only spend time and money on its repair and at the end you will have to throw it away. Because safety comes at first place and strong and quality bike can provide that. Don’t ever doubt that.

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Seven advice how to buy proper bicycle?

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You want to buy bicycle, but you are not sure which one suits you the most, or you already have one that has been collecting the dust for the years and you want to replace it with better version. We are going to give seven advice how to choose the bike that will fulfill all your needs.

MTB, city or road bike?


If you don’t have ambition to ride on “Tour de France” and you are not ready to invest large amount of money in bike and clean it every day, then the road bike isn’t for you. If you want to enjoy casual city rides and you live in the city, then the right solution for you is the city bike, while for those who love nature and mountains and like to push thing to the extreme mountain bike would be the first choice.

Should I buy new one or used one?

For used bikes – if you find the one that is in good shape then you should buy it, but that all depends on the purpose and how are you going to use it and every fair shop seller will tell you that. But if you are serious rider, don’t bother buying a used one, invest some money and buy a proper bicycle.

Which size?

In order to determine this, you must sit on bike, measure its size by your size. When you sit on the bike, your knees must not touch steering wheel while you are pedaling it.

Is the shape of the frame important?

There is an urban legend that we have frames for males and females, but there is no such thing. Every bike should be measured by the size of the person and in that way you choose its shape.
Should bicycle have buffers installed?

It is desirable that they have front buffer, because of the curves and holes on the road, if you drive it on flat surface you don’t need buffer at all. The best buffers are the one that move your whole body when you come on bump on the road and they soften the impact.

Which equipment you should choose (gearbox, tires, speeds)?

P1000364You should have in mind that other countries, besides Japan, produce gearboxes. It doesn’t matter how much speeds your bike will have, because you still will have to ride it and during the time you will find the right speed for you. If you buy tiers with rubber wedges and you use your bike for city ride, then you wasted your money. They will only create irritating noise and they will increase the possibility of the fall. Don’t invest money in the equipment you will not use.

What saddle you should buy?

Don’t bother yourselves with this matter, because there isn’t comfortable saddle and you won’t find it. Comfort is acquired by hours spent on the bike.

The pump and spare tire?

An indispensable and inseparable parts of the bicycle. Know that we all have problems with flattires. The biggest reason for this is small pressure in tires.

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Few pointers and tips about buying a bike

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How to choose a bike?

First of all you must choose a bicycle and decide what purpose you will use it for and how do you plan to spend time on it. For example, if you intend to use a bicycle only for recreation (cycling in a team, in local parks during weekend) then you need an ordinary bike. For such bicycles, the price should not exceed more than 180 to 250 euros in local stores. Of course you can always consider the option of a second-hand bike, as long as you do not understand bike and its function properly. In that case bring someone who can assess the condition of the potential bike.

If you want to spend some more time on your two-wheeler, then you should consider purchasing some better bike.

We strongly advise you not to buy a cheaper variant of bicycles because you will spend a lot more money on the maintenance – it is much better to invest few bucks more in the bicycle and drive it without any concerns. At first, maybe you will pay more money for a bike but remember you are going to ride it for a long time.

Before we enter more deeply into this subject, for those who do not know , types of bikes are divided into the following:

Road bike mountain Mountain bikes

Full Suspension Mountain

City bike

Hybrid bike

Downhill Bicycle

BMX bike

Since we learned that all types of bicycles, it is very important to decide, having your budget in mind and money you are able to spend, what kind of bicycle you really need. Recreational ride does not demand a high-quality and expensive bike that costs more than $500. If you need a bike just for a recreation, you can buy a decent bike up to $200. If you need more professional bike, consider investing more than $200.

The price is definitely something that is very important. It can determine the quality of your ride. And in most cases the quality of the ride is very important, especially if you are going for long-distance cycling. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to use it for recreation or training, your bike has to be comfortable. You are going to enjoy in it. If you don’t enjoy in your ride, you are going to avoid it and that is not the point. You can find a lot of bicycles models at the fixed gear bicycles shop.


For recreation the best option is city bike. Because most people ride it just in the city during weekends. Most people don’t have time to leave the city so they are just riding in the city parks and other places near their houses. That is why my advice is to buy a city bike – they are not expensive that much and they are very cozy during the city rides. But you can also use it outside of time but not for very long distances. And finally don’t buy the cheapest one because you are going to ride for a long period of time.

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How much pressure to inflate in the tires of the bike?

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When preparing your bike for riding, it is important to inflate your tires properly. If not so, you could face some serious problems, especially if you are going on a long trip with your bike. But first:

What is the role of air in the tires?

The tire pumps air in order to achieve a number of effects in the same time:

-Sufficient hardness and rigidity that can accurately manage and carry weight with minimum strain

-Less weight

-Ride irregularities (holes, rugged terrains, rocks, off road etc.).

How inflated tires should look like?

-Height tires are usually roughly equal to its width. When it is not loaded, do not flatten it a bit in contact with the ground.

What is the optimum tire pressure?

Optimal pressure allows the tire to bear the weight without too much strain, but not to be too hard and make driving uncomfortable and less adherent to the substrate. The tire is deformed  at the point where it comes into contact with the ground when loaded.

In this way it adapts to unevenness in the road, allowing a comfortable ride and good grip.

What affects the optimum tire pressure?

It depends on two things:

1 The total volume of air in the tire

-The higher volume tires (larger wheel, and / or wider tires), the lower the pressure required.

2 Weight the tire wears

-The higher the weight the tire wears, the higher the pressure required.

A typical example of the tire dimensions 622-23 (width 23 mm) to be pumped to the pressure of over 7 bars. On the other hand, the tires of the same size, but a width of 47 mm (622-47) are pumped to the pressure below 4 bar.

How much pressure to inflate in the tires of the bike?

Rear tire

The optimum pressure for the rear tire is 15% of the settlement. It will be showed how to determine this. First, both of the tires inflate to be hard to squeeze. Then the bike is loaded with cargo that is planned to carry on a bicycle (if any). In the end, the driver sits on the bike. Then it looks how the last tire is flattened compared to uncharged bike and the full height of the tire.

Settlements loaded rubber in contact with the ground.
From 0% to 95%.

Visually it can be roughly determined how much the tire is shrugged. 15% settlement is when the tire has just a little “swell” in the contact with the ground. If not shrugged, the pressure is too high, and if is not visibly “flatten” it is too low.

The pressure at which the tire is lowered to 15% of the total height depends on the width of the tire and loading. First inflate more air in the tire / exhaust while visually it finds it reached 15% decline. Then measure the air pressure. This is also the optimum pressure for the rear tire.


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5 Reasons Why I Love My Bicycle

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There are numerous reasons why I love my bicycle. My bicycle has been like a fateful friend to me, and we have had so many joyful moments together. In effect, I could not imagine my life without my bicycle. Here are just some of the reasons why my bicycle means so much to me.

1. Costs Less That A Car

The first reason why my bicycle means so much to me is certainly more practical, than emotional. My bicycle is precious to me because of the financial reasons. It costs weigh less than a car, I don’t have to spend any money on fuel and costly repairs, and when it comes to getting from point A to point B – it performs an excellent job.

2. Preserves The Environment


In addition to that, my bicycle also preserves the environment. In other words, it doesn’t pollute our environment as much as cars and buses. I must admit that I am very much concerned about the future of life on Earth because people have managed to make serious damage to our environment. All of this damage has managed to change the climate and ultimately we are risking the survival of all living things on the planet Earth. This is precisely why I feel a little better about myself when I’m using a bicycle instead of a car or a bus or a train. Even though it might not repair all the damage that has been made, at least I’m giving a tiny contribution to preserving the environment rather than destroy it, and psychologically it means the world to me.

3. Benefits My Health

Yet another reason why I simply love my bike and cannot imagine myself without it is because it is very good for me and my overall health. Doctors and physicians frequently and emphasize the importance of physical activity, and how much it means for your health. However, for the majority of people it is not something they worry about unless they have a serious medical problem. Since I think about my bicycle as something fun to do in spare time, a hobby, as well as a means of transportation, I am particularly happy with the fact that it also benefits my health, and I try to ride my bike is much as a can, whenever I can.

4. I Can Repair It Myself!

For the most part, I can do all repairs on my bicycle myself, and I am very much proud of this fact. The repairs that my bicycle needs are not as frequent, or as difficult, to be beyond my abilities and this is something I truly like to do. In addition to that, I am also a great fan of being able to repair something yourself, and having bicycle that I can practice this on regularly, fits me like a glove.

5. Parking Like A Boss

Whenever I am on my bicycle, I never seem to worry about getting a parking place, unlike many of my friends who drive cars. Actually, when I’m on my bicycle, the whole world is my parking lot! All I have to do is find a pole or a bicycle parking place, and this can be done in just a couple of minutes.

In other words, driving a bicycle saves time and money and benefits your health – what more could you ask for?

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